All Alone

Verse 1

Now I don't know what to do
Damn i wish I had a clue
to get over this nerve-racking regret of meeting you
Now I start to realize that you were not in love you were just horny
The only chemistry between us was when we had sex
I guess,That's the reason why you're everyone's ex
I'm not yo ex-boyfriend im a man I'm yo Ex-man
Call me yo wolverine,I could be yo king
I guess now I can't you're a cheater you don't deserve a ring
Lemme take you back,Our souls never been connected
I always ensured that when I bone you my John was always protected
Now u say you love me?Ahhh take back yo love
Girl you know what,just shove it up yo skinny butt
You think you're player?You just a wannabe
I think I have to tell ya,You ain't never gonna be
You're beautiful,but u chose to be a fool
Bingo!you're what we call a bimbo

. Hook [Trimax]
Life is better when I'm on my own X2
Thank GOD girl that you're gone X2
All alone
All alone
All alone is what wanna be

. Verse 2 [ Trimax]
Wanna know what you are?Pusillanimous
whatever that you are,You are odious
I knew that we would never go far,Coz it was obvious
Told me you don't deserve a star,Haa I'm not oblivious
Without you girl im nothing you make my heart palpitates
Oh if you believe that girl you're really a fool straight
how can I be nothing without you while I'm really nothing with you
Now you all over the streets spreadin yo legs for every man to call you his boo
yeah that's true,yeah you know that's you
yeah we had to break up coz I never let you control me
Thank you for leaving me alone coz without I'll never fall
we were never supposed to be together.
you were easy to let go of I don't know if you know but I it's probably because you are ho.oh
or dating someone like was just a blow now I guess I have to grow
And never meet someone like you

Hook X3