Roller Coaster

( Intro )

Life , it's just like the roller coaster and here I am sitting on single seat car facing the ride of my life...

( Verse 1 ) Sliick

Numero uno
Same kid with a new flow
I been going through lows
Still banging new hoes
Homie You know , you know
Life on turbo Live fast die young
Okay , okay , okay uhm , ay

A verse from me is gonna cost you
I be higher than a rollercoaster
Hit once then I ghost her ( ghost her )
I be winning make a toast ( toast )
Im about to overdose ( dose )
Looking like I caught the holy ghost
Told you before I do more than the host
I got fans coast to coast

( Bridge 1 ) Meek Mill

You can't let nobody tell you what you can't be or... what position you gon be or what position you in , cause shit we come from nothing and that's the case we wouldn't be here if I believe In em back then , coz my teachers used to tell me you are a loser ...

( Verse 2 ) Trilla Vi

I live with the pain
I can never complain
I drink everyday can't get away
I'm stuck in this place
This is like hell
Can't see no one else
Just me and myself
Living the same day
Over and over again
Can't reach the peak
Ain't Getting no sleep
I can't reach my dream
Like I'm on a vacay
Nigga I trip
I'm feeling like Cordae
I need me a GPS To the bag
I'm all about getting cash
Finna pull up in the benz
I dropped outta school for the racks
I'm rolling with the same clique
Never switched up
I'm still the same kid

( bridge 2 ) Meek Mill

You don't believe and believe you don't see nobody making it , I still believe I can make it through all that so why would I listen to anybody
Where we come from if you not locked up and dead you winning

( Outtro ) Trilla Vi

Keep it One Hunnid...