Why Hate

Why keep hating folks
When life's so colorful
We all in it together
Searching for,
A better tomorrow

We are all shapes and colors
Some are dreaded like a rasta
Some have a same sex lover
We are star dust and electrons
we bleed in the same hue
All tears are salty too
A smile means I love you
We know it's dusk before it dawn.


Oh oh oh oh oh oh (x4)

We gotta talk about it,
On hating each other
I gotta speak,
I speak because
Silent the killer
Before he strikes
Humble the winner
Before he fights
Simple is the knot
Before its tight
And wrong is the answer
Before it's right
Darkness and hatred
Before the light
You messed up before
Now make it right
One for all no more fights
All for one
Rainbow rights

Soon as we brought to birth
We fill the void on earth
They say that love
Comes first
Through joy and tears
Through cold and warm
I'm grateful that I'm loved
Thank you mama above
Thank you Lover so much
I'll carry on cheering along