My City

My city (x2)
My city, I love my city
My city (x2)
My city, I love my city
My city (x2)
My city, I love my city (x3)

[Verse 1]
If I told you I’m broke
Iv'e got nowhere to go
While people sit up on their thrones,
We burning down below
Cause the bottom is rock and the top is roll,
How do little flowers grow
When its hot at the top it’s cool below,
Will I ever know


[Verse 2]
I say they rather be for long than be born upon,
I’d rather be i scorn than a uniform
I’m moving with my daddy passport,
My jeans are torn, I don’t try to disguise
I move like a force
I left a piece of my life in every moving choice
I hold the message of the streets hear it in my voice
I been in and out call it intercourse, north, east, west, south pits my points
I love my city I cannot divorce
Tell it as it is

[Verse 3: Cassper Nyovest]
I’m from a place where mobility is not important
For survival it’s either you kill or get extorted
Many had dreams and ignored em
Till they saw him then they mocked him
Said it before I did it
Then did it man I’m a prophet
Like my grandad who built a nation with his bare hands
With peanut butter le jam and now the stadium si jam packed
Pardon me people you have to excuse my ego
This is what happens when you clearly surpass you heroes
When you think about it they could've done more
And I’m sure
I’m not the only monster to run from
Ska mbora
Me and Toya just spoke about it and it seems real
You know you always gotta check how the team feel
My childhood and morals is not equal
Cause I grew up with dogs but they were some good people
Product of the change
King of Joburg
Born and raised in Mafikeng hey