Brenda Fassie (Freestyle)

Tiga Maine - Brenda Fassie Freestyle (Lyrics)

I did tell em that I'm mad.

You spill the beans bout me,
Nigga I pull up with a gun.

When I blow your brain off,
at that time it won't be fun.

When you dying,
I'll be smilling and be Like YEWENA SAN!

I take em shots,
to your brain.

And let you suffer,
from the pain.

Got something grand,
I make it rain.

Hol' on man,
Stay in your lane.

Brenda Fassie in the Trap,
Most of these niggas rapping crap.

Nobody taught me how to rap,
I put my city on the map.

On every opp,
shoot ya shot.

Fly broad,
She a thot.

Am I hot,
Or not?

I'm at the end,
like a dot.

I'm Zulu man with some power,
I kill em niggas in an hour.

Bitches ain't sweet,
now they sour.

You wanna kiss em,
fak' i tawa.

Got proper props from Stogie,
I'm working hard on the lowkey.

Tiga Maine in the Trap,
If you the best that's a cap. (Kimiller)