Nasty C

...DiAngelo, Balenci'
The hoes in the video been 'round through, you a seven
You ain't really bad, bad, bou'
Bitches want more champagne, damn, you should get more shampoo
I done got so much status, I'm fuckin round calls and sealing at you
You ain't gotta know what that mean, just gotta know it came from a badass dude
I'm a animal
With a badass toe
And a badass hoe
And the cash stack grown
My and my dawg way back, I know
But he spilled my lean, I'm mad at bro
You gas me, let it be the gas I smoke
Radio will never know the tracks I wrote
Me vs. Me, that's Ghost stang G.O.A.T
I signed deals but I own my soul
I might fuck around selling new mixtapes door by door
Difference between me and all my foes
When the racks tell me to go I go
Made a lot of money 'cause I know what I know
This 4-4 don't know what's boat
You shouldn't really call my money "my money"
Call it Mrs N-G-C-O-B-O

There they go (Yeah)
Southside, there they go (Yeah)
There they go (Yeah)
Bands, there they go (Ohh!)
There they go (Yeah)
Gangsters, there they go
Why your neck green?
'Cause they made diamonds and that ain't gold (Ohh!)