Echoes of Kofifi

The multi-award winning and triple platinum-selling group, The Soil, presents their 3rd installment and seminal album, Echoes of Kofifi, and probably the most definitive record since their self-titled debut album more than 5 years ago. With this album, The Soil reminds us of a rich culture of Sophiatown; a black cultural hub – the epicenter of all that's jazz, blues and wrapped in politics and was synonymous with the Harlem Renaissance. The album prompts us not to forget that the people who were forcibly removed from Sophiatown and whose refused to leave behind theirs arts, their heritage, the literary writings, the politics and their cultural defiance, which was deeply embedded in their souls


# Title Length
2 Happy 3:46
3 Thambo Lam 3:58
5 Selfie 5:04
6 Nonzwakazi 4:31
8 The Break Up 4:28
9 Lawula Nkosi 5:01
10 Uhuru 3:32

Album Reviews

This album is ultimate rocking keep entartaining us!