Welcome to Free flow

The mixtape was the product of self expression and an introduction to the "free flow" rapper's musical journey. The entire tape was produced and of course written by The Protocol. The recording process began in January 2017 and completed in August 2017. Fellow rapper Caretaker and poet Conscious were guest features on the project. It took a while for its completion and The Protocol hints that the best is still to come.

Album Reviews

New age hip hop

I saw it and thought "lemme give it a chance" and found out it's actually dope. Thanks for the music mahn, keep em comin'


Well thought out. Great lyrical construction and production skills. Definitely gonna be bumping this for some time.


LIT!!! ... Balanced blend of sound and head bobbing storytelling.


Aggressive but gentle. Beats on fleek and it aint a playlist its an actual project ... something you dont really get from SA rappers today. Big up browski!