Transkei Moon

Transkei Moon
Hangs over me
Like a lump in my throat
Her voice, their singing
It chokes my spirit
And lets it loose again

Umzi wakhe, u se maweni
Amafu a lele phezu kwethu

(Her house was on a cliff
And the clouds slept over us)

The Gods have blessed us tonight
I spent the night in the sky
With old ladies whose limbs and voices never tire
Even as I sit here, I can't imagine
What moment in time led me to this one

Transkei Moon
Transkei Moon
Take me away
Transkei Moon

ndi hamba nawe
ndi vumelana nawe

(I will go with you
I agree with you)

And I never will forget your ways
You inspired me
To find God in motion
In a place that seems so still

umzi wakhe
use maweni
amafu alele phezu kwethu

(Her house was by the cliffs
And the clouds slept over us)

I saw a face of GOD here
A place of mysteries and dreams
And when I close my eyes I live again and again
Transke moon
Take me away