Pain of love

[ intro]
Aye,Dope cee ,you know the pain of love ?Everyday women and men become legends. And sins that go against our love become blessings.
[Verse]by Tf Kane
Today seems like just another day
But I made a terrible mistake
I threw myself at the hands of the devil
So I can be tortured again and again
So my heart can be decimated once again
I think it's love but it's just pain
I love he
But does she...
She says it all the time
No matter how hard I try to move on from this pain
Deep down inside I will always know that
I 'll never get to kiss you again.
Now am own my own
With an unbearable pain in my chest
Sitting in the dark alone. The pain I can't nearly coutain
Guess am broken
Wondering whether am alive
Or just breathing.