Dreams Of Neverland


(I have dreams) Man what became of you, you use to be a happy dude,(man I have dream) now you very angry it even showing in your music too,(I have dreams) man what became of you the kid I know from back in school,(Man I have dreams) was very happy he even had a brighter future too.(I want a house in zimbali) Man what became of you,( I wanna drive a Ferrari) man what became of you, (I want a girl who gone love me)

Man what what became of you, I prefer the older you,(I have dreams) you show of online just for likes and they follow you,(Man I have dreams) you think you the man when you play the girls who loves you,(I have dreams) oh you think you extra cool, man what became of you (man I have dreams) ( I want designer on my skin, put that Gucci on my feet, make pretty girls scream, I have dreams)

Welcome to my new life, welcome to Paradise, this year I might buy a car or renovate my mothers house, welcome to the new heights I wanna fly to Dubai, old friends were acting up I had to wave them a goodbye, now it good times good times, coz good vibes is number one in your girls mind, good girl stay in your house, bad girl make it worth your while, do sushi when we link up coz we afford that life now, head down when I fly out, they know my name in Alba lounge, oh wow I promised them I'll come by but ever my come up I act like I don't have time, and u
they act like they don't know us, you'd think that it a fashion show when u see me and my squad out, girls pick me in a crowd now but if I live fast I'll die young, OK dancers dance now, tearnel sign out, hey Mama I love ya

Tearnel 2nd(chorus)

Tearnel (bridge)
Dream baby
Dream, dream, all I have to do is dream, even tho they say I'll never be

Vair Norm (second Verse)
Man I don't wanna lose/
I just keep up with some point and just improve/
If I say it tonight, it's in the loop/
I don't wanna get by, I throw the rules/( yeah yeah yeah)

I want a model, not a hoochie bag/
Drive a Cargo, filthy with the Vex/
Buy my momma a house I guess I'm easy with the truth/
I don't wanna live life like I forgot to clean the roots/
I'm singing these songs so you can keep up with the proof/
When they write about me I hope it's nothing but the truth/

I pray I pray and it's okay.

Tearnel (chorus) x2