yo ah listen here dawg, I know you've been having some difficulties in your life, ah, you've been having some hard times and, ah, you know just don't give up dawg, ah, I know it hard but it get better after here

Bitch I'm a star don't, ever call me ooh, waiting for me for, when I come home ooh (x2)

(Hi pitch)
Bitch I'm a star don't, ever call me ooh, waiting for me for, when I come home ooh (x2)

(First verse)
Twerking twerking little ass, how I wonder how it is, I put a D where your mama kiss, you kiss your mom with those lips, I gave you my song you said it miss you'd rather be fucking with C (Nasty)
You'd rather be fucking with Reece (A)
You'd rather be fucking for following, you follow that D to my crib, follow my lips, bitchies ain't shit, you on your knees like you begging for it, I gave you the taste of my kids, you told me you love me for real, you told me some stories of when we were kids, you told about frogs that you had to kiss, coz you thought in me you found you a Prince, find you some manners I'll find you a ring, ha ha ha ha, girl I just kid, I remember when you said I ain't shit, 20k 20k follow my dreams (that boy famous) follow my dreams, (yeah) I'm not a star, I'm just a guy from Mars, I fell on this planet they call me an alien.

2nd (chorus)

(2nd verse )
Thinking out loud, last year I was down and out, out of the budget and out of your mind, it why I keep you out of my sight, I'm going through life, I'm having some doubts, I'm sending my songs to Junior De Rocka they never get played, I need a new plan, my little sister be waiting for cheques, I'm going through changes I'm changing my friends, I'm stating my facts, niggas be claiming to having my back, but nobody had me when I need help, I'm helping myself, no mastubating, Charmaine is my baby I fuck her on daily, she tell me just call me whenever you need it, I call her whenever this head is too heavy, this life is to scary the demons are friendly, they smile in face and call you big daddy, they get in your pocket and take what you having, you heavenly father I hope that you watching, you know that that they faking, they claiming to make me, they making me mad, you know I'm crazy I shout when I rap, 20k follower all in the bag