CLUSTER (instrumental)


Excuse me pardonnez moi
Been lurking in the shadows like am
Black noir
Hungry for success feeding on the male ego
if she really your gal, why she all up on me tho?
You dont know?
You fucken dont know?
Couldnt hit a home run with the shade that i throw
Been stirring shit up like the fucken Migos
Shawty getting too attached shawty cant let go
Damn im the fag with a bag she a queen she a drag
I'm like damn I'm the fag with a bag she a queen she a drag

[MT Styles - VERSE 2]

I keep a stick in my duffel bag
I'm from the redzone killers cut throat
My goons so heartless yaccuza flip
They won't lecha just slide from the slit 4real


I'm a goon and I can rap and I can write too
Sleeping on me and you keep on hitting snooze
Turn around and bring it back told her "money ain't an issue"
Heuer on my wrist, frozen like an igloo
Who? Him?
I don't know you
Bars on top of bars leave em always saying "Ishuu!"
Dude, we the hottest in the streets too
Always looking fresh, old clothes and em new shoes
Rick James with the swagger
No Michael but I'm always looking dapper
Hot pepper, gyal dem smasher
Tutankhamon baby, blazing like a rasta
No beef like a vegetarian
I run the ball like I'm Mkhitarian
Keep grinding till I make a million
Slow polks looking like Chameleons

[Tazylla Milez - VERSE 4]

Look, first thing is first shit am a D-Boy
You don't see me around chilling with the lame crew
You don't see me around chilling with the lame hoes
Tryna look around can't see none of my type
Just hoppers living where the grass greener
I heard niggas talking about how they hit raw
To me it sounds like niggas on a death row
Ain't my business so shit ain't talking about it

Plus, I make moves might smoke a blunt
1,2,3 might take a Rum shot
It's my game imma show you how to play nigga
Don't come around looking like a stray dog
Game is over what else gotta say?
Got my eyes errwhere nigga let me tell
Don't smoke, don't breathe near my business
'Less you wanna be served like a cold dish
Nigga silly, tell your bitch to stay away
All I do is fuck around with dope chicks
Not a buttface nigga like your chick is
Feel sorry each time I gotta write this

But can't do nothing
I gotta keep it real
My swag so mean, yours a re-do
The world is like my playground
I gotta keep it moving
Stop hatting on me like I owe something
Hold back, cold feet is whatchu get
Smelling real fresh like I own Versace nigga
It's my swag, wait until I spray some
It's my beat so I rap anything I like
So dope, you know the young boy is
So fly, erry girl know that
Gemini, fresh-cut young boy
Case closed, just call me Judge Rudey
Yeah, Rudey
Case closed, just call me Judge Rudey