Step Back

You sit on my bed with that stupid face of yours
Telling me all of these things that I heard tim and time before
Its so hard to ignore you
You call every night will that stupid voice tone
telling me your so alone
begging me to come home tonight
You say babe I’ve changed but I know that its just for the night

You gotta be kidding me that you think I would beleive in this dishonesty
You gotta be given me more then words this time
Before you think I'll change my mind
(2x) Step back step back before I loose my mind

You wait by my door with that creepy smile of your
Smell of alcohol you think you know it all tonight
You see I know this will be our last fight

You call every night
with that stupid voice tone telling me your so alone
Begging me to come home!
You see I know you’ve not changed for the last time
Mmmm yeah

(2x) I’m so over this cant believe I have missed all these good days of my life