Saved by the music

Ah, I was the rap loner
Take a walk in my shoes
Let’s go…

Lock myself in my bedroom didn’t wanna talk
Come play those Tracy tunes plus my day off
I’m feeling the blues feeling so lost
I wanna trade the shoes my life will take off
Thinking of all in my life that went wrong
I lay on the bed of sorrow with this song
Coz they gone they gone they gone with the wind
Those that loved me dearly and never pretend
Tell me I loved you so much you were a friend
Mommy will I ever feel your soul touch ever again
Off my feet man I need a helping hand
Coz my life looks perfect from wherever you stand
The night life I try to fight it
Coz lil’ kids grow up quick without guidance
Violence, couldn’t be stopped by cuffs and sirens
They say speak now but I remain silent
Let’s go…

[Chorus] X 2
I got saved by the music
I got saved by the music
I got saved by the music
Coz I don’t wanna loose it… loose it

And so I lie awake, the middle of the night its kinda late
I’m trying to shake the evil from the life that I’m trying to take
Contemplate, evil life past that I stepped on
The right speaks bleak from the past coz I now yelled wrong
I fell on my feet strolls high coz of the platform
I speak so we can’t continue to put the mask on
And face the people with the paining face of victory
I can’t continue, coz my inner space is killing me


And so I’ve come too far I can’t give up now
Yet the world is hard but good times will come around
Coz so many sacrificed for my survival
She worked all day but always made food for us on her arrival
I refuse to get suicidal
I hardly read the bible but know about God and the universal idol
Relating, my life path with where the strife took me
Debating, we might ask is this how it should be
Pour us martins cool they say he’s gone crazy
Sit back and act a fool what’s going on lately
But then she takes me with the words
A brand new day is coming that’s what I heard

Coz I don’t wanna loose it (x4)