Gaksadater disnopo

[intro] Kaybee
uh, Kaybee
waitse gore gak'sa dater di popay akere?
nxah this lesbian
lesbian? sies hahaha
Okay, GaksaDaterDisnopo disnopo disnopo disnopo
yeah uh okay, GaksaDaterDisnopo disnopo disnopo disnopo disnopo

[Verse 1: Kaybee]
uhh, GaksaDaterDisnopo
gak'sa tlo chuna diflopo
gak'sa jola diskobo
that girl ga I rate nkare hobo
my rhymes so good look at the way ba reeditseng ka teng
I'm the king I just want the crown and the throne
girl I'm following my dream just let me do my thing
they say love is blind that's why we end up dating snobs
never gonna catch me spitting for em young Niggas in the streets
I only drop my dope shit in the studio
started from the bottom ke jola mo mxit
nou yana you can't believe gore I'm dating your sister
we sometimes date people not knowing gore ba yang
we date em ka phoso
dropped heavy bars for em young niggas and left em shakin
love is fuckin blind
girl you got that nerve I told you not to date a rapper
bona nou, my haters heard my jam on air, switched off their radios
there's no use, really there's no use
stop denying the fact that I got it
imma go hard till Notshi prove it