Intro: Cadility

before that smoking zone
I be chilling writing tracks when the craft is on
believing under raps because the mind is on
living under raps because the mic is home
and so
divide hoes
add my bros
Ivey will stay on top

Verse: Cadility

like I came up
niggurs better stand up
as I be putting my name up
witness me flame up
who took the city
guess i be taking that blame now
bringing that change how
by working hard griding hard
keep bringing that paper
winning right cause I came hard
with me right
I'm needing no back up
I'm the niggur drinking with no black out
I'm the spending hard with paper
how I'm going to get it
the line getting me credit
the mind planning to debit
I'm on that paper
Nc we putting it to work now
ain't dead as long as I'm alive
ima devil as the d drops
and you can spell it backwards

Outra: Cadility

Now what dem niggurs wanna say now
cause what I'm bringing out is really so insane now
what you waiting for " Smoking zone" wait on it
cause like Chris this how it came down
so many crisis swear dem niggurs wanna prey now
cause smoking zone is stuck in all your brains now
smoking zone " Smoking zone"
smoking zone " Smoking zone"
smoking zone " Smoking zone"
taking all the game now