3 Hunnit

Keep it 3 hunnit,
Man juss keep it 3 hunnit,
Keep it 3 hunni
Keep it 3 hunnit,mahn its a hunnit
And hunnit,HUNNIT! Jea!

A hunnit and hunnit and hunnit
Lemme indroduce mahself,D,Double e Tack
Dazz mah nym yoll,geddit ryh,matter of
Listen up,
I'm fully injuiced,wont reduce,yea I'll kip on refusing(kip on refusing)
Rappers,my students! Listen up,
ah wahna Teach u suhm manners,
They call me Denis the manace,
Flow naughty,yea,I love me some bangers,
Spiritually engaged,
to this Trap,No gap,in btwn,buh it seems
I'll invade,mean I'll dump it by simply destroying it,
W8!W8! Ah gat suhm important,suhm imported,
W8! Lemme transport it,


Flow too sick,constipated indeed,
Hey yo Gee,ah'm seized,afta I spit,make sure uuuu...wipe mah mouth with a tissue,
Its prolly an issue geddin involved with this kat,
Respect!!!,matter of fact
I'm brutally evil,s-s-same tyme holly,ohh...snap!!!
My flow is polluted,these lame old rappers mahn,they are always included
Mahn,Um alr8dy in progress,
I been hated before,
Now I'm winning for sure
Everywhere that I go,
I make sure I leave sores,
Yea mah Gee with mah songs,
Don't care bout mah wrongs,
Um the source of ur loss,
Even thah dude u call Ross can tell u um a boss


Most of deez rappers is wacker than wack,as a four lettered word ,
Yea ah mean 4 real,bro!...hold up
Ah gat kicks,as a matter of fact u can call me sensei, not 4get mah punches,ah gat skill,call me kick bottowski,
I do like cartoons...dazz why I see yall as
Dazz another word for fake,
Yea'm bake yall a deathday cake,
Mahn! I spat n filled a lake,
Now I nid me some f-word break,
Nah,mahn! Um deetack,,I made a joke of a joke,I'm the parody of wack,
See mah homies gat mah back,
so I ownid to luk back,
I only punch May
I never mind the weather