100 Paces


yeah...one thin' about home boy...(yeah..)
i don't play motherf**kn game...(whatsup man...)
you feel me..
old on i gotta tell you somethin'
don't f**k with me n**g...(it's lad chummy)
i'm buil**t...



so captivated,
young fame motivated,
I tell these b**ches I'm goin' far ain't hesitate,
now come be wit me to fly in simple rate,
Young fame black wings we goin' move the break,
with two ei nin sign ain't symbolize till i'm great,
now goin hard since day one,
cz i never went wrong,
me and my dawg we been in the game way too long,
push hard so ain't gettin' dirty i'm too strong'
now you see the way i'm goin,
pay for the pair of shoe without mom knowin',
doin' what i supposed to in the game when flowin'
take it when u pause cz i gotta keep goin'
the whole plan on me n**a,
everyday so pleased n**a,
you goin say no bul**t cz this is what mean n**g
prolly you know me better so add your dream on me n**g
so all i can blow up if you f**k with me n***g
i'm so hungry for the money while the fame is comin' after and later will ball
with 'em honeys,
then she can tell another,
cz the game is bein' mine,
so f**k what another say the sign goin' two ie nin.


yeahh... u goin' leave your dream with me right,
with no doubt to step in 100 paces,
u better add it all before you clash with me,
on the 100 paces n**a,
we young fame you know we ain't play,
black wing flyin' on 100 paces,
everythin' emerge when i walk,
next roam then will be 100 paces,
n**a you better add it all,
you feel m, yeah...it's lad chummy,
that's all i'm goin' tell you...