Zwakala (Come to Me)

Hey! Ohwohoha..
(Come to me)

Some people like fighting.
Some people like talking 'bout you and me.
You know me baby, I'm a lover not a fighter.
If I were to fight for your love
If I was to fight for your love
I'd come out a winner.

Your love is so sweet.
Sweeter than candy
For your love
I'd come running!
I'd come running!
Oh! Oh! Oh!

Hey! Hey, wohoha!

Zwakala nganeno!
Come to me!

Oh! People keep talking about you and me baby.
They say that I look like a fool when you're not around me baby.
Now I know that we've got everything going for us baby.
Why did you have to go and leave me alone.
Why did you have to leave me baby.
Now I'm so lonely, now I'm so lonely.
Now I don't know where to go
All the places where we used to go together
Reminds me of you.
Oh baby won't you come to me.
So please, baby.
Won't you come to me.

Whoa! Zwakala nganeno
Won't you come to me.