Whispers in the Deep

Sleep right in your eye
This is tasty food for rat and flies.
Call me angry, call me mad
Soul whispers in the deep.
The echo!

All throughout the land
reaches out to find, to find a hand.
But finds an amputated stomp.
That tells the story of the lonely
and beats the rhythm of the flame.

I'm inspired,
I cannot understand hate.
(Khawuphinde, khawuphinde mzala)

(Verse 2)
Whose songs are as truthful?
As as dream flows as steady as a stream.
A stream of knowledge and of pain.
Of one whose stance begin to wane
Allow the sleepy to retire
Because their love blows out the fire.
I can see your pointed finger.
Your eyes binoculars.

Whispers in the deep

We are all tributaries of that great river of pain.

Flowing into one ocean.
There is only one ocean.
All our pains flowing into it.
But it did spill over.
Spill over the wonders of love.
Into one nation of love.
Before we recognise that all the oceans
all the oceans are one.

Khawuphinde mzala hmmm..
Khawuphinde mzala hee!!
Khawuphinde mzala hmmm..
Khawuphinde mzala Whololo..

Speak your mind.
Don't be afraid.
Don't whisper in the deep.
Speak out your mind
Stand up! Wake up!
There's still sleep right in your eye.
Call me angry, call me mad.
A soul that whispers in the deep.
I'm inspired.
But I can't understand hate.

I'm inspired it, I can't understand hate.