Verse 1

I dropped this song In order to praise king Youngsta, if you want him you'll find him in kaapstad"
Everywhere i go man I'm playing his songs, what makes him special he's slapping lazy boys"
Kingsteve is also well-known stage name, I respect his work and presence in the game"
He's professionally running on his own lane so I'm catching him murdering beatz by his own name"
What are you talking about, boy he's dropping something lit"
Don't act like a rat steal his cheese and eat"
I'm panicking 'cause you are really whining, Youngstacpt is ma king I'm hardly grinding"
Change of spring make all ma haters start crying, I'm practically releasing some big hit"
His motivation is deep it got me hungry and want to eat"
I'm kicking microphone boom stand like a beast"

Chorus (x2)

I wrote this In order to praise Youngstacpt"
I'm a fan...(x4).....of Youngstacpt"

Verse 2

We are always paying attention on something that is great"
Jesus was about to give something but I'm late"
Youngstacpt made me want to upgrade, ohh no, I'm trending like they know that I'm raw"
I'm making every smart girl feel everything I touch, I'm humbling in ma heart thinking about ma future lunch"
For now you can say that I'm not really wanted, I'm just laughing at people who take me for granted"
Bella keep on smiling, i really top I'm not lying"
I have emotional theories, to tell people stories"
I'm gonna spend ma whole life penetrating ma talent, I'm the best in this shit that's why I'm keeping it silent"
I'm nothing without music, don't be damned by haters use your chance before you lose it"
Ma experience is old and it'll always be impaccable, in this world I'm doing something impaccable"