Stop attacking me if you know whats good to you, I'm saying this 'cause I can simply bury you
I'm Tommy Venceti so what about you?
If you wanna go with me stop featuring, you are still a little boy so you need some nursery
Kingsteve is in the kitchen cooking some rap, old school or new school I'm pressuring a clap
Back then i used to score better points, I'm taking a break for ma haters to make noise
Kingsteve'always jacking muthafuckas like a car, rapping that shit with no space so don't try
I might be a bully in this rap game but who is the fool that will bring shame
Man, don't you see that I'm with ma learners, you want to disturb, where is your manners
Ma shit bely recognized long time ago, ma life is good and i don't need a lying whore
Writing ma lyrics to the full 'cause I'm G.O.A.T
Kingsteve is coming with unusual flow, ma taal is goeie that's why I'm stealing your show
You think I'm a black cause ma mom she's a black, this is South Africa we aren't working like that
Taking a ride by ma imaginary Benz, I don't think it's ordinary to have many friends
Shit, i had a friend who turned into a bitch
Life sometime is catching you up, without no doubts I'm planning on following you up
I'm gonna work hard until ma blade is sharp, I'm a countless coin so let me buy these boys
Rob world's eyes by offering gold coins, passed by shit cause you like sleeping
This is Kingsteve man so stop sneaking, you posted some shit cause you like attention
I was flabbergasted, I won't rest until they are finally wasted
I'm counting all eggs before ma chicken hatch, I'm closing your verses because they don't match
I'm kicking someone's ass like I'm a Mad Max, forget about shopping, fuck complex
Bitch, are you ready to face bars like these? Even if you wanna die don't think about diss
I don't fabricate I'm strictly showing biz (oh)
Give you some verbal shit, muthafucka
S wanna test by herbal shit (haha) muthafuckas
Kingsteve is not done yet he is still going, muthafuckas wanna kill rap by weak flowing
Jesus, I think it's complicated to greet us (yaa)
This is Maverick muthafuckas, please don't be weak be strong ma brothers
Going after ma throne, are you climbing correct?
I got five mixtapes you better shut your mouth
Muthafucka wanna pick it up clear and loud
You wanna bring astrolopithecus on this shit, Kingsteve is still representing that shit
You wanna be like "fuck Kingsteve's shit"
I'm too strong so you can't compete with me, I'm giving you strong rules that you must obey
Laugh at muthafucka when he kiss this game, I'm like Ice Cube so I'm saying "it was a good day"
Be quiet muthafucka and listen Gangsta rap
Chill muthafucka, see I'm counting facts
I'm still in this game 'cause I'm not fragile, I got muthafucka who love ma fucking freestyle
Call me a fucking Demon with no fucking mercy