Steve Hofmeyr

Steve Hofmeyr (born 29 August 1964) is a South African singer, songwriter and actor. It takes a very gifted person to achieve lasting success as an actor, singer, songwriter, polemicist, presenter, poet, writer, activist, blogger in any country. South African superstar Steve Hofmeyr is one of those rare talents, undoubtedly one of the hardest working and creative artists in South Africa, whose schedule is never too crammed to not stop and share a word or smile with a supporter.
With almost 2 million units sold and a SAMA award for Best Selling South African Artist 2004, his momentum remains spectacular too watch.

In 2 different independent 2004 polls, Steve was nominated as both 32nd and 13th most popular South African of all time.

He is recognised instantly by the South African public as an actor in numerous soapies (Egoli, Scandal, 7 de Laan, Getroud met Rugby), 4 films, presenter of his award winning talk show (DIS HOE DIT IS - kykNet) and singer-songwriter with 21 CD's & 180 of his self-penned songs recorded locally and internationally. He has played leads in Joseph ("Who hasn't?" he says), Summer Holiday, Sound of Music, as well as Dis Hoe Dit Was, a Deon Opperman musical of the live of Steve Hofmeyr. 70 000 folk flocked to attend (“But that was more introspection than even I could handle. No more.”).

In the stands of our Pretoria rugby hub, Loftus, Steve is known for South Africa’s most renown local (original) rugby song, DIE BLOUBUL, the self penned anthem of his favourite provincial rugby team.