Untold Stories

When you staring at the one above they saying you turning into a kid you not but i don't care this life so rough so ima pray till the day i die

Look at the sky man the stars are aligned can't see them nigga just read between the lines I hope you don't play with your fucken life hope you read the word till it's peace & quiet. I pray to God everyday so he can re-define so he change our lives and make us live our lives

You looking at me and be like who the hell is this I'm like shut up bitch I'm the fucken heavenly sent you looking at me but I can see right through you nigga it's time to reconcile and you still offended niggas still preach the word but damn they never practice like damn they never practice shit like yeah lemme stop criticising an shit no one is perfect and shit so let's start working on beats like damn

Like damn so crazy how I'm still underground but that's cool man as long as I'm still on the grind so many cats on the ground and man we all tryna shine finally found on the block and we just getting started like damn!!

It's so crazy how I'm saying all these words but they never listen but it's cool I got myself 015 stand up.