Stantik Riley - Get lyrics
I'm fucked up yeah
The plan was to go to the club and get drunk yea
But I met this fine girl, man suicidal thoughts are now replaced by some wild thoughts
She made me change my plan real quick
The plan was to get into bed after drinks
She is making new plans with a wink
No more sleeping now the new plan is;
Get drunk then Get laid X8

Come on baby hangout with the winners
You looking kinda shy baby lemme lift your chin up
I ain't Chris Brown but there's something in this liquor
Coz you look finer everytime I drink up
You know that you got it
Oh girl you got that million dollar body
You make a nigga wanna jump in
But I'm still nervous I ain't drunk yet
I always drag attention when I come in with my team
Every nigga pay attention like we are a twerk team
And the baddest bitch will ask me where the credit card at
I tell her I ain't got no money girl I'm only here to dance
And after midnight quarter passed 2
Every bitch in the club gets loose
And every nigga in the crowd grab a boob
The next morning we gonna blame it on the booze

The finest chick is dancing on the stage
Everybody yelling her name
Yeah they want more
They want more X3
So she worked that booty man I like the way she
twerked it and then she told me it's yours
Said it's mine?
"Yea it's yours"X2