You De Reason

The sky will fall down I swear I'm gonna kill this show
My niggas in the building Jay and Tiger man they blow
I know you tryna be like me but yeah you scare my flows
Money is not a problem man we hustle and get the bulks
You know why we live (yeah yeah)
We live for the cash (yeah yeah)
We sing for the cash (yeah yeah)
We dance for the cash (yeah yeah)

You the reason why we dance (x16)

Sha sha sha (x16)

[Verse 1]
People are talking, they talk about me
Whey they talk about me, I'm earning more papers
I'm from the streets, Ngwenyeni streets
I gotta make them dance, I talk about fance
Ooh my God we got the whole squard
We are permanent it's not a piece job
Turn me on I wanna trap this shit
Tie tight your shoes don't blame later
Big smoke for the new clues
Money chase me I'ma queen you
Lemme rub hands like Birdman
Go down slow for the slow motion
I smoke leaves for the control
I won't sleep until I get my crown
Six six six now you get me
Three corners on my left arm

You the reason why we dance (x12)

[Verse 2]
I got a choco lady with a thicker booty
I like her moves I got a better F
Ima jump high until I reach the sky
She'ga follow me I know she loves my style
I'm in black and white I don't fuck with racists
Scary nigga in a white vest
I'm throwing shots like Cassper Nyovest
I'm a two poin four I mean a four by four
I had a dream to be in DSA
I told Malai he never took me serious
Man I was hungry
I was a starving nigga
I prayed to God he gave me a solution without education now I'm in a mission
You make me dance like I've got no bones
I make you dance like you've got no bones
(I make you dance like you've got no bones)