I Love You

I Love You (Prod. by RockTemple Entertainment )

StaGGer ft DRiller

Mixed emotions (2018)


babe i love you.every part of me want you.cos I was just made for you,my dream is all about you.you are mine when I dream.but when I wake um gonna scream and kiss your lips sweet like a cream .um gonna view your pic on my phone screen.If dreams ain't just dreams but dreams come true.I would not be here,I would be with you.what I feel for you is real true.You're not mine um all alone.um gonna text you on my phone.but when I call you have to come along.
Aah!Babe ndiyakuthanda don't listen kwaba'na manga.ngoba siyo gcina ngoxabana.uthando lwethu liyo shabalala.suku joiner abangani abathand'umnandi.ndifun'ukuba yindoda ndi kwenze umfazi.sblome soyi-2 senz'ingani.once ungeza kakbi ndizo shata noma wubani yoh!