Godlike Man

Space is never what it seems
It’s a fantasy of minds
Projecting all their wishes, for a future of riches
Of intergalactic love

Reality it can’t be right
If with force of nature we fight
No it cannot be right, I wake up
Waking up with you again

She said she’s looking for a normal man
All she really wants is a God…like man

So put me in your red suit on
With your silver beard and boots
Say I come from green land also know as dream land
And you deserve just what you get

So make your wishes known out loud
This is an emotive crowd
Don’t stand there and whisper, scream it out loud
Cos your wish is my command

She’s looking for a normal man,
But what she really wants is a God…….like man (x2)

God (x4) …..like man