I need love

Intro (Sphah)
Ohh Gosh its very sad being lonely, I just need to get my self some bae
I wish I had a babe
someone who will gimme love
someone to hold me tight
1st verse (Sphah)
I keep having this picture ,picture of this other person
I keep on dreaming and thinking about this other person
I keep on praying and wishing so i can have this person
I just wish it can be easy for me to get that person
I been so lonely so long and i don't know what to do
My soul Is broken into pieces and my heart two
been falling in love with people who dont what they doing
I really need to see you so i can give you this message
the space i have for you in my heart is just pretty big
and I don't see anyone who will ever take your place
you are incredible very precious to Me my world
i cant believe I still live without your love on my life
I won't rest till I find you
Will keep on hunting until I found you and wife you
Even though the times are hard but still I will find you marry you and be happy with you foreeeva
I wish I had a babe
someone who will gimme love
someone to hold me tight
2nd verse(Kagiso)
Ive stoped searching till I saw you girl
It was dark but somevhow you were pretty i just
like everything I see
all my exes are nothing to compare to what I see
all they left on me is the wounds that I can't even
I need someone I can love Iam lost can't even
Bless my soul girl I've been alone for too long
Somebody without someone Is no one, is no one
at all
I just want to love you regardless we could light
couple a candle
and watch the shadows playing on the wall and
create moments that are priceless
don't have much, can't buy you diamonds
I will give you my love if that's all what you need
hold me let's blow kisses I will show you what i
I need love I need someone who is sweet as dove
Someone who willl hold me down