SoLo is a South African based Hip Hop artist. He has a strong passion for music and has been composing, writing and recording music for close to a decade. His sound has gradually evolved and his musical strength lies in his ability to paint a picture with his words and his art of story-telling. His maturity on beats comes across almost immediately as his delivery showcases the years behind his craft. SoLo’s first offering is entitled “No Shades of Grey” which is set to be released in 2011.

The concept of “No Shades of Grey” depicts “Solo’s Truth”. In essence, the project is all about elements that make up Solo, as well as experiences that have shaped his character. The term “No Shades f Grey” simply put means that no unclear, cloudy areas exist in this truth. Everything subject matter is dealt with on a “Black and White” basis. His story is not sugar coated to fit in or to be deemed easily accepted. A sense of honesty and vulnerability comesacross in the project, and seems to be the driving theme. From dealing with fears, to tales of heartbreak, the project is an honest look at Solo’s world, through Solo’s eyes, by Solo’s narration.

Solo’s main vision with the project is to gain the interest of as many listeners and lovers of the lyric driven hip hop. The body of work is the priority, and is for the enjoyment of everyone who appreciates the hip hop genre and even music in general.