The Soil

With their hymn-like “Sedilaka” already placed in a major Halle Berry movie (Dark Tide) and corporate gigs stacking up like plastic chairs in a community hall, The Soil’s unadorned a cappella sound has made a pretty sensational debut. Smartly dialling up a genre that’s never left male-heavy Isicathimiya turf, they strike gold with the superb “Baninzi” and “Bhomba”. Less successful are the love songs. You really do need the boom and crash of instruments to hide lyrics like “I’m really, really sorry ‘cause/I was all in your face/I never thought that I was/I was invading your space”.


# Title Length
2 Joy 5:05
3 Baninzi 5:44
4 Sunday 3:55
5 Inkomo 4:06
6 Girl I Love (I'm Lonely) 4:13
7 Impossible 4:48
8 They Fell 2:53
9 Bhomba 3:38
10 Lonely Nights 3:56
11 Sedilaka 4:06