[Hook] mirror... Mirror...mirror...mirror..x2(mirror..x6) can I take myself a picture can I take myself a picture (can I take myself a picture picture picture) yeah I see a king there in the mirror oh I see a rich man in the mirror oh I see my first plaque in the mirror oh I sew my first cheque in the mirror oh

Verse: in the city boy 19 year old boy man trynna make big I just wanna make myself proud am too glad that I followed what I like music is my life and I rap this shit untill I die yeah mirror got me crazy in the morning I been watching,watching on him boy being prepared for the game fuck the fame boy I just need more money wanna build my momma a house I swear to that am gonna party yeah,am too reckon but I got lof in my mind lof of problems I noticed that am no longer a child yeah I don't need a lean just to stress clear all I do is bow with my knees and pray am too glad that my soul is too safe didn't want to rush to things to look fake great believe me dawg God is here with us we have to be patient for what we want