Death Grip Crew - Party [Lyrics]
[Hook:Small Bravoh]
It's about to get lit, we got girls and the
booze goddamn it's a party!
Let's go to my crib, I got champagne in the
fridge so niggas as' vaye. ×2
[Verse 1:Lil Max]
It's a party it's a party yeah we let it fall.
Popping champagne take a lil' sip girl.
You how it goes in the party [Party]
You know how it goes when you party with
the Death Grip so you better keep on talking
about it 'cause we got yellow bones in the
side up[ Side up]
Walking with a bitcvh, chilling in a pool. So
many yellow bones at the time holding
double cup sipping on the codeine.
Picking women at the party vele it's 2 by 2.
Met a girl of my dream so you better bring it
on the dance floor!
[Hook:Small Bravoh]
[Verse 2:Small Bravoh]
We party till the sunrise, drinks are galore
You are my baby, I'm your man girl.
Catch me VIP section with my gang girl.
I'm the king of this jungle, call me Tarzan
Yeah I'm busy killing all this niggas.
With my fists 'cause I don' wanna pull a
Attention please! This is my crib, no
weapons allowed la nkutlwa aker?
Higher we go, AMO LA MUSIC, you catch the
flow, I catch the feeling.
Well people are fighting, wena you're sitting
here and you're a bounce so please do your
job man.
Or you want me to pay one hunnid'? And
kick you out of my crib like a piece of
The party's lit now we got DJ Clizo on the
We busy chopping our money 'cause we
don't care!
[Hook:Small Bravoh]
[Verse 3:Slim Cartii]
We party all night, popping champagne,
party getting lit, people going brazy, Cartii
going crazy, haters getting lazy.
Getting lit getting lit the party's getting lit.
On the stage on the stage getting hella
Get yourself a bitcvh nigga stop being a fool.
Many bitches here, tryna act? Yeah cool.
Pop champagne, pop ama bottle.
We getting lit baby yeah we chilling with the
Come on to the stage baby bout to get lit.
Cartii going brazy, Bravoh going crazy, Max
going lunatic.
No going home yeah we party all night!