Death Grip Crew - Bando
[Pre Hook:Small Bravoh]
Pull up with my niggas in the bando [Skrrrr]
Talking 'bout who killed Senzo [R.I.P]
I'm about to pull a trigger with the Draco
[ Prrrr]
Rocking cottin like I'm Gento [Barento] ×2
[Hook:Slim Cartii]
Bando Bando pull up with my niggas in the
Bando Bando talking 'bout who killed Senzo.
Bando Bando bout to pull a trigger with the
Bando Bando rocking cottin like I'm Gento.
[Verse 1:Small Bravoh]
Pull up with my niggas in the bando
Talking bout who killed Senzo
Sippin' on lean yeah on lean bro
And it's not sweet it is bitter
I'm scared to invite my partner at my crib
I don't wanna die like River
I still want to live OLL
I wanna have a wife, some kids and a
I'm sure y'all forget bout Senzo Meyiwa, the
nigga who was murdered at his crib'o
He was mampintshad by murders
Go to SAPS & ask [?]
[Pre Hook:Small Bravoh]
[Hook:Slim Cartii]
[Verse 2:Lil Max]
Got me chilling with ma nigga in the bando
Yah we ain't talking bout Senzo
Pull up with my niggas like I'm a born sinner
Ducking all the bullets like I'm getting too
Niggas putting 2 and 2 just to take me
down but I ain't going down anytime
I can't even on my maths
Shit cos it got me drifted at the same time
Nigga I'm paranoid thinking bout how to
fucvk with these funny rappers
[Verse 3:Slim Cartii]
Why you did it nigga? Why you chesty?
Me and Senzo like we were Besties.
I could never think you would do a bad
thing to a good soul nigga what the fuck is
Pulled up with my niggas in the bando
Pulled with my niggas with the Draco
Think about his kids nigga think about his
What you gon' do when your luck runs out?
[Pre Hook:Small Bravoh]
[Hook:Slim Cartii]