Synopsis very large
things have some changes
Sometimes good life turns to bad
Like nobody's business
Got lot love by reading the bible
Read it everyday not only when you in struggle
God is the best though
I don't want anything bro
Blessing's what I want
more than anything I want more
Writing lyrics like I'm praying
that's why I spit blessed flows
I just keep it humble like heaven full of ego
The word of God occupies spaces
in my heart
Pray to God everything will be easy
If it was hard
Thank you Lord for guarding me
From the start
I mean like thank you flow
For everything for everything that you've done for us
'Cause of my race and my skin colour
I follow black skills and strategies
I hate murderes
But on the mic I'm the one who kills
I don't really care
What my haters feel
I just wanna say God Bless
All my enemies