[Intro - Slikour]
I sometimes dream which is such a privilege
Some of us struggle to eat or live
dreaming is a luxury
So we accept the surroundings of our impoverished hell
Hell, we just become it, you know?
But if you dream it, maybe you can be it

[Verse 1: Slikour]
There's no obsession of success where I'm from
Kids mother before they have breasts where I'm from
Life is a failing test where I'm from
Nobody works to be the best where I'm from
Rather be the worst, that's the best where I'm from
Some see the world as corners of the streets
iBara is the guy that has something to teach
iKleva is the guy that'll always try cheat
The apartheid system got us think we're weak
That;s why Kasi people cannot reach they're peak
No matter how progressive we are we're still weak
Jews Indians stick together so they lead
We hate ourselves we endorse overseas
From broadcasters to corporate companies
No wonder eKasi success is a dream
And I'm a dreamer
You know?

[Chorus: RJ Benjamin] x 2
I can see the light
And the future is bright 'cause I'm a dreamer
And if we all just try
To keep our dreams alive
We'd be believers

[Verse 2: Slikour]
Imagine if I met success
It'll be like blacks with assets
Ownership of shit
No one left with debts
Everyone you're close to has a plan to invest
Living off salary Saving dividends
Going down to the hood
Everyone is paid in Yens
don't worry about getting jacked cause it's evident
Everybody got a share of the paperment
And no beggars will be sitting on the pavement
And no struggles over minimum payment
We're not degrading each other
That's so slavement
The hoods have enough important information
The value of our art in this entertainment
is seen by the gorvenment and celebrated
by broadcasters without segregation
but I'm a Kasi dreamer you know our situation!

[Chorus: RJ Benjamin] x 2

[Verse 3: Slikour]
Some brothers dream and they try to get out
But the world expresses a lot of doubt
Regret letters is what I'm talking about
Your spirit always broken
You wanna shout
You even look at yourself and you start to doubt
Is it you or your cv that has no clout
What's worse if the papers with a thousand jobs
And you're not good enough for any one of them jobs
Interviews with no callback
Ish don't stop
It's enough to break you up
make you wanna rob
It's a crime you can't even trust a cop
And optimism can't be bought from a shop
I guess all they do is just window shop
For dreams out of reach until we drop
And all the kids that bubble one day will pop
I hope it can change but I dream a lot

[Bridge: J Benjamin]

Change, Yes!
Nothing stays the same
I believe we were meant to dream
And I won't let hopelessness bring me down
For the rest of my life

[Chorus: RJ Benjamin] x 2