If u wanna roll up like emtee
all u gotta do is make me your Mc
like bhuda spushi nyuku boy
what u go do when I play with the toy (play with the toy)
chilling on 2 million, swear I made a trillion
nigga outchea working and my girl outchea twerking(yobaa yobaa yobaa)
coming back with my lil flow
what u go do when Im chilling lil bro
I move a nigga like a chess peace
when im finished with the gAme, I say check please

Mafuni nyuku (tshakura) uzothola Amatshakura (tshatshatshakura)x4

im all bout the rap shit
have a problem with that well u gotta solve it
all u want is fame love and money
and we also know it in easy
that why we here me and my team, we grinding
billboards fuck the shit that I do for, making mula
blowing a kush and a phula
bookie whats the rush phola (yoooo)
met the story to the mic like im crazy
my flow seek my rhymes are sleazy
hella switches on the floor im feeling dizzy
blowing on a kush
sipping on hennesy
niggas feel my melody

clean swag, clean dance
this is really mad
I Dont know what to do with this cash
look me at my face, tell me what u see
clean swag we hAve it, now it just a win
hit you with my Airmax and this the begin
my old swag clothes are meant for a rubbish bin
nyuku all we got, always in my spot
pumping our track on the parking alot
money&pounds is us
now we got famous
u cannot break-us, me Nd my swag
shout out to icon, he made for a deck
our k's can blow up a blunt but wages cannot blow up
nigga I gotta roll up, nigga I gotta flow up(aaah)
aint go lie this is simple
that nigga has no brain like he is mental
peace on this instrumental(haaaaaa)

Hook:MafuniNyuku, uzothola Amatshakura x4

MafuniNyuku(Tshakura) uzothola Amatshakura (tshatshatshakura) x4