Just For Kontrol

Yeah !!!
Just for kontrol
Malefactor on the beat

Clash of the titans
Enforce the story untold to be enlightened
Metaphors get thrown like jabs on medullas
While feminine palms draws scars on these mittens
My flows get a court appeal that’s a pure bargain
Plough your own seed be ital and maintain
Slamz da goon the artistic microphone handler
Untainted Hit maker addicted rhyme presenter
Stick and move in circular motion
Raw material separate whack ness with uncut notation
Halt!!! I smell the holocaust
When a petrichor unleashed soon after the over cast
The distraction of the good and bad
An exhibition of my culture roots off like a Bao bab
I am Shepherd baptized with a peace hand
While his power has descended upon me from thy hand
Just for control
Sharp claws be off the genitals that’s all