Skwatta Kamp

A seven-piece top South African hip-hop act pronounced "Skwa-tah Camp" (members: Infa, Nish, Shugasmakx, Flabba, Nemza, Slikour, Bozza), the group's name is derived from "Squatter Camp" -- a term for the shantytowns littered around South Africa’s open landscapes. The people who live in these informal settlements are seen as outcasts, a nuisance rife with crime and grime.

The group has seen life take a turn for the better in the last years since their now-legendary and independently-released "Skwatta Kampain" 2001 debut album and have since walked off with multiple awards and nominations (SAMA, Metro FM, KIdz Star Awards, Channel O Video Music Awards, and KORA Awards).

Two of their albums ("Mkhukhu Funkshen" from 2004 and "Washumkhukhu" from 2005) have both separately sold in excess of 25,000 units (gold status) and counting.

The fifth album "Fair and Skwear" was released in 2009 after a period that left fans wondering whether the band had split.



Mkhukhu Funkshen

Khut n Joyn