B.M.C (Prod. by King Elu)

Sisekelo Shawn ft King Elu x Swiss x Teazy Tee



Big dreams x3 got a nigga rich veins/in ma pockets man I got a lot of big things/I'm jus getting known looking like most of the people in the city that will never see the vision (nah!)/that will never comprehend the feeling that's invaded by the way these niggas acting cocky for the hustle/Think i never muscle?/well it's true I'm a low nigga on the roof with the same niggas in the city gotta keep it good/I gotta keep it good though u never understand it/n if a nigga doubt it tell him I'm never underestimated/I never flex though/I never say I'm better and I never brag though/bragging rights got a nigga pitcher case closed/in my life I have never been as humble since the money came/looking like a g whatchu say?/
All the talent you'll find it in brema city/I do it for ma family and I'm on a mission/sleeping on me they gon'need another pillow/tryna save the game I'm always a hero/These people will think they made me(holup)/ Currently these people hating(true)/ I'm that lion,can't be caged(nah!)/ that's why they dropping they're bars/daddy told me son don't ever give up(no no)/always be determined,you a winner(through God)/and I jus decided I need no friends(jus FAM)/We are all a family in the brema city(yeah yeah)/ God help me to grow so I sign more checks(yeah yeah)/ people acting like I'm in a contest(with them)/ if they not hating then you got a problem/I'm jus having fun and ignoring haters(real nig--)
[Bremma city x6 we jus always representing Bremma city] x2
[Go hard so a nigga blow hard/unemployed tell the nigg' get a blow job/lil nigga got a UZZI and a Gold Mind we jus always representing Bremma city] x2
bremma city/thats ma city/living up in bremma man im on a mission/this beat so cold imma murder it pull up to hommies that show me respect /this is the city with rhythm n we never rest coz hustling got talent thats freaking me out/im going so loco yu calling me out/just like a gang man we goin all out/
Cold face/I'll be only rapping when I'm feeling like/bout' to put you niggas in one line/feeling cold shoulder every time i walk past/bout' to hit some wizy and hit the cookie real fast/don't hate,I jus told ma ex its already late/bout to get some paper working on a fax now/listen to ur teacher wena put your pen down/who the man now x2/all you rappers looking like you from the same Town/you saying you the best and we don't care/kaManzini children on welfare/kaManzini pu**y on for sale/Representing 5 0w no cops/power to my city we excel the most/Lotta Bremma haters livin'uptown done talking!
REPEAT HOOK till end...