Mo Money

It's a common misconception that
Your looks will improve
Just like the more you drink, girl
The better you move
But you're getting sassy and
What I've found is that
We better hit the bar
Cos it's final rounds

Now fill up your cup, it's getting empty
You're getting drunk, I'm getting thirsty
Take off your top, it's getting toasty
You're getting drunk, you're feeling frisky

Ha ha ha!
Girl, you're so funny
Let's take some drugs, let's spend some money
Ha ha ha!
Let's spend some money!

Now just lock your arm in my arm
And I'll escort you outside
Just to catch your breath
Before you change your mind
Hold your hand in my hand
As we sit down at this table
I'll laugh at all your jokes
I'll scoff at all your fables

Even though we hardly started
I can tell it's going to be a party
And when it gets loud and rowdy
I bet you're gonna wanna make it about your body
Girl, you know that vibe
Gets in your veins and you just can't help it
Good girls go bad, go wild
Stress on the brain - heat it up, melt it
Let it drip to the floor
I want to see your primal side
Now when you can't skip anymore
That's the cue for one final round

It's nothing personal
I'm just not touching your body
Let's start a war
If you're feeling naughty