Boxing Day

A bunch of things that we've already said
There's too much going on inside your head
As our clothes fall to the floor
It's all shit that we have done before

If only you weren't so predictable
I'm black and blue
But I've got this swelling under control

Before you explode
(This won't end well)
A little bit of sugar makes the medicine taste sweeter
So don't explode
Because I'll never get the satisfaction if you let me win

This reminds me of when we first met
A night out that I never won't forget
You said, "Why should I waste my time?"
And I have been denied

If only you weren't so unpredictable
I'm black, you're blue
But we've got this swelling under control

Where are my manners, let me take off your dress
There's nothing on your body that I wouldn't caress
Let's be polite, let me turn on the lights
There's no use fumbling around when you're in your dressing gown

Cos you'd do it yourself if I wasn't such a gentleman

Don't look now
Im staring down your dressing gown
Don't be so proud
It's nothing I haven't seen before