Bikini Weather

Skinny bitches, you're so difficult
Just invite me in
Let's do breakfast in the afternoon
Let's do scones and tea
We can spend our riches on our way home
Living comfortably
Watch it go out the window
Oh, so innocently

You're such a robot, oh
You're such a robot, no
Such a robot - All senses go
(Take it to the Matthew's bridge)

We can divide our interests, set our boundaries
We can compromise
And when you're lonely, we can go out
We can socialise
And so we'll converse, we can chit-chat
It's so predictable
It's getting stale, so monotonous
Let's make things interesting

We'll start a rumour, oh
Start a rumour, no
Starting rumours - All senses go
(Take it to the Steven's bridge)

Drop the beat down and give me a reason why
You've gotta be skinny for the summer season
This is bikini weather!
Suck in your gut and push out your chest
Cos you gotta look thin to fit in that dress
This is bikini weather!

To the world, you're so cynical
Open your eyes - You're being difficult
Because you're sitting on top of the world