Sweat Me

I Woke Up, Too Niggas Tryna Be Like Me
I Pour Up, A 4 & Go Chase That Dream
I Glo Up, Niggas Ain’t Catching Up To Me
I Blow Up, Bitches Wanna Have My Seed

I Woke Up, I Really Had Too Chase These Bands
I Pour Up, Shawty Saying Can We Just Be Friends
I Glo Up, Now She Wanna Gave Head In The Benz
I Blow Up, I’m Just A Young A Nigga Tryna Win

I Know That You Feeling Me, I got A Pill In me,
Business Is Business, So There Aint No Dealin Me
Say You Fucking Wit Me, Baby You Are My Hilary
& Its Fuck What They Think, Tell Em Get Out They Feelings B
Momma Be Sayin That The Henny Be Killin Me
I Had Designer Whenever I Could Go Buy it,
Now I Got Designer Hanging All in My Closet
Fly Shit In My Gene’s But My Hustle Is Higher
I Played Wit The Fire & Never Got Burnt
i Get Too The Money, Where Else Could I Turn
Selling The Molly, The Rent Due By The First
I Ain’t Gotta Say My Name Cause I Know You Heard It
I Use Too Zoe Cash Now i Get Too The Earning
Still Flipping Packs, Cause You Niggas Don’t Learn &
I Just Hope The Money Last, Gotta Stack It For Certain
I Got A New Bitch Cause My Last One Wasn’t Working

Dipping Diamonds Near The Dishes,
Remember Cooking Up In The Kitchen
Always Known Too Keep A Smithin
You Want This Problem, Come & Get It

Stacking Money From The Floor The Ceiling
Some Say Im A Hero & Some Say Villian
I Like It, I Buy It, This Aint No Consignment,
I Don’t Gotta Hide It, You Know That I’m Riding

I’m Back On The Mission, Took A Break For Minute
Parking The Rari But The Lambo Is Different
I Like Too Party, In A Tesla I’m Whippin
I Never Worry, I Got Bins That Aint Missin,
Fly Out To Cali Just Too Pick Up A Pack
She Pussy Poppin, I’m Just Tryna Get Back
You Caught The Bitch Cheatin, & I Prolly Did Smack
She Was Arching That, She Lemme Hit From The Back
She Went Down On Me I Aint Even Have Too Ask
Said She Wanna Marry Me, Aint Even See The Racks
Chains Is Drowning Me, So How Can i Relax
Bought A Pound Of Weed & Made The Bread Back , Plus Moree
You Owe Me That Cash, Kick Down Ya Front Door
I Don’t Even Know Who You Tryna Front For
I Could Get The Whole Job Just Off Of 1 Call
& Get Ya Whole Squad Done Off, Who Want War

Bands On Me & I Got It
You Can’t Fuck Wit Me,
I’m Sorry,
No Coming Up Wit Me
Stop Plotting
I Had Instagrams In My Wallet
Ops Pop, Then We Sliding,
Opp Drop, We Excited
Ops Thots, Tryna Slde In &
Drop Tops What We Ride In