Red Dot

Watch How I ; Mmmm
Fuck it Up, Ahhhhh
My Niggas Pulling Up In Foreigns
3 Black Phamtons, From Europe’
Activist Wit Mist When i Pour Up
Ahhhh Ahhhhhhhh
Told You This Aint What You Want
Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhhh
Just Watch How I ---
Fuck it Up,
Fuck It Up
Fuck It Upppppp,

2018 Can’t Fuck Wit Us
You A Late Feen, Aint No Runnin Up

Fuck it Up,
Fuck It Up
Fuck It Upppppp,

Thumb Thru A Check, You Cant Run w Us
I Come Thru & Flex, She Gone Come Wit Us


I Get The Bag
Go Flip It, I Double It

You Get That The Pack & Be Fucking It Up
Yaa Had A Bag But You Was Fucking It Up
You Doing Bag You Just Fucking It Up

We Get That Bag
You Know Its A Must
They Be So Mad &
I Don’t Give A Fuck
I Fill The Stash
Then I Double My Cup
She Playing My Music
She Notice Wassup

You Touchdown
But Aint Shop At Store
You Touchdown
And Had To Pay Back Some More
You Fuck Around &
Lost Ya Bitch At The Mall
You Up Around
So I Just Caught A Zoe

Ohh mm Ohh mm

It Look Like I Just Zoe
Spent 8 Bands For My Chain
On The Low
Dummy's Hit
Everything Is A Go
Fuck All These Niggas
They All Gotta Go
All Of These Bitches
Just Be After My Dough
If You Aint Cool Wit Forty
You Don’t Know Me At All
Dro Got A Cool 40
& He Ready Too Blow
I Push A Button
They Like Where Did I Go
Lambo Doors On My Benz,
Thats A Woahh
I Thought She Want Me
She Said Thats A No
She Just Want The Money
I’m Like Here We Go

She Gone Be Falling For Me
When I Start To Glo
& If She Moving Right
It Might just Be A Go
I Can’t Lose &
I Don’t Think She Know
When She Find Out
They Gone Lose The Control
She Gone Come Too My House
We Gone Fuck Til The Morning
Ass Up, Back Arched & She Moaning
Dig Her Down, & She Surprised
How I’m On It
She Gone Get Too Attached
Then I Send Her Home In
A Foreign

Is That Really Ya Bitch, Or You The Side Dude
You Can’t Keep Trap & Snitch, You Gotta Decide Dude
I’m Flipping Traps & Shit, You Can’t Ride Fool
Ya Mask Slipping, You Look Like Ryu
Hollow Hitchu Quiet On The Side Too
No Remorse For Em, Straight, BYE YOU
No Love Lost For Em, But Its Bye Fool
Bitch You Cant Cant Get None Of Juice

Verse 2
Niggas Got hate in they body
dreaming & waiting to stop me
they praying to papi, talking I’m moving it sloppy
i hear the call i’m copy…… stupid
then he get hit, he aint never get too meet shit
this is my plan, you called my phone for that brick
i got 2 homes, when I’m not all alone
One for the zone & one for the kids
one for the thrown & one for my bitch
behind these maybach you poppers int see

when i meet joe avianne we gone have a ball
he gone throw me a piece that cost 100 & more
they wanna know how i got the plugs in the mall
they wanna know how I walked out the door
I always had bail i just needed the sure
premeditated you know how it go
i beat the case & got 35k for a show
I see my bro, we gone kick it & blow