Ronnie Hughes

Ronnie Hughes (x2)
Think I wrote this shit for you
Yeah, yeah (x2)
Starting to feel like
Everything in the world and the world itself don't make sense anymore
If you’re not in it

Your blood in my veins, your pain in my eyes
Smile on my face, always have to camouflage
The way I really feel inside
Yeah, I'm acting like I'm good, but I don’t want you to...
I'm staring at the wall, world spinnin' and shit
Guess the inevitability of life is a bitch
Never thought I'd see you get old and sick this quick
You 76, I'm 22, that's a miracle inheritance
Like a eclipse, Orion's Belt, in line with the pyramids
Here comes this old Irish man out from Dublin
Who flew to Africa to meet my momma and her cousins
Not no regular story of how Europeans try to feast on Africa's glory, it’s not like that
I seen him see the black tax, and try to carry my momma on his back
But then he taught me: alcoholics always have to crash