Sacrifice cover

Lord I need tommorow
Tomorrow sorrow (Don't bring tomorrow sorrow)
Lord I need tommorow
Tomorrow sorrow (Don't bring tomorrow)

When I thought I was lost
Then I looked up to the cross I swear I never know how much it cost
You die for me
You set me free from my sins and my chains
I remember when you said it's finish,that day I was free from my prison (Huh)
Oh boy no be joke
Three days in the tomb
You paid for my dues
If I die let me gain
If I live let me shine
For your love I will die
For the sake of the gospel
Let me try let me strive
So then my causes we're lifted,my blames were shifted to the next person name Jesus

Been fighting demons everynight and losing for 18years
You win some You lose some
I win few and lose many
I'm working on switching the words
Ever since I knew him
Been winning All the way up
Blessings raining down on me
No fake love
Was brought up in the church
I left and now I'm back again
To my root where it all started
No slavery
My chains are broken
Running free in the jungle
Bout to take my place
Take a sit and be Humble

Repeat chorus