More Life

"Click click
Open that door
close nigger
My one and only wish is being connected with the fam' I made nigger I'm so glossy,
you wouldn't think you see statues,we stand on crystal fences,
me going throughout all this shit bro it was escalatin'
couldn't even blocked her now look how the flood damaged the crib,
my mind in rehab,I'm influencin' eye pains,
I can not see who's on my left,you got me switching lanes,
a lot is laughin' at me, shit is gettin' on my nerves,
God blind me now they're all saying that blind they all coppin' man,
I be peepin when they're talking cause they all hate,yeah
but when I'm down they pick me up like a phone call,yeah
you never know that I been ballin' since a youngen' man,yeah
now the stress is my bitch's belly is growing now,
another bow,
another chair a bicycle, a coupe,
I call it more life cause it's added into my life,
now I can't eat and hide what I will eat later,
I said this shit on Adella's letter is you heard better,
God blind me now they're all saying that blind they all cappin' man,
and the story that I'm telling man it's true y'all better listen now,
Is everybody
or what?