A prayer to God

intro [ Seime Stones]
shout out to my niggas
who can feel my struggle
how many times lord
do I have to pray...hala to my niggas
...hala to my niggas
Seime Stones is hustling tryna
live my life

hook[Seime Stones

i got no life but I live 27 days left for my life they thought me how to pray then I quit the gangster life
about my life they talking filthy shit
I' ve been knocking for so long but no body let me. 'yuck' they freak me out
27 days that the days of my life

verse 1 [Seime stones
it Seime Stones the really makoya I got few days of living oh lord I'm dying I got no time for playing manigga I'm praying that my skill of talking to God with out my God I'm just a useless man
when I pray to god I thank him for this life yet the days of my life are just behind my back
I took my knees
I hit the flow
I grab a choir
I put my hands
join my hands and close my eyes
and I pray for the sign speaker
make them speak and the blind people make them see
underground rappers make them shine
and those who are shinning make them bright

hook[ Seime Stones

verse 2 [ ,Seime Stones

nothing much about my track
it just a prayer I pray for the poor lord make them rich and those who are rich make it more and those who got more ...make them share
heart Brocken people make them happy give them hope give them joy
just like me give me hope
give me strength
give me powers
I need that powers ,if I got that powers I'll take them to my nation coz they also need that powers
I wanna shake a hand 'shake a hand' with my enemies
I wipe away my tears with the clothes of my God

hook[ Seime Stones

verse 3[ Seime Stones
I'm done with my prayer I took many days hustling for my downfall spending lots of weeks hustling for my downfall
laying on my bed I got no time to rest
I'm thinking about my life I mean my poor life but at least I got a life
I've been praying for so long tryna get some initials
I've been watching this niggas who tryna run away from me coz they got some initials
and I'm lack of initials causing troubles everyday tryna get some initials
I've been praying for so long now I'm waiting for my answers
manigga I'm out you got my amen

Hook[ Seime Stones